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Scott Becker: Bio

I am a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and a practicing physician living in Austin Texas. Originally from Boston, I relocated to Austin in the 1990’s. I started learning the guitar at age 7 in Sharon, Massachusetts when my best friend down the street started taking lessons at a place called “Guitar Village”.  The instructor was a veteran of Fletcher Henderson’s jazz bands and prominent pop groups in the 60’s.  It wasn’t long before an electric Gibson and a Fender amp made their way into the household.   I spent many hours with my high school rock and roll buddies learning the guitar licks of Jimmy Page, Duane Allman,  Jerry Garcia, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton and of course Jimi Hendrix.

The classical guitar bug bit half way through high school with “proper right hand technique” and works by Bach, Villa-Lobos and the gang.  After a while the Gibson made it’s way out of the closet and plugged back into that Fender amp. There was a mess o’ jazz trio shows with sax and bass as well as duo stuff with several vibes players. Extra cash was obtained playing jazz standards with a vibraphonist in front of the book store near the trolley stop at rush hour.   The Boston music scene was a rich resource to see performances and to learn guitar while I was pursuing my medical education.  During those years the guitar was never out of reach.

I spent a number of years traveling the world doing medical work during my 20’s and the local music was always a priority wherever I went.  I acquired and studied an Indian sarod, a Chinese pipa and a West African balafon.  Some of these influences are still prominent in my compositions and in my guitar playing.  The best example is sarod technique used on the fretless electric guitar.

Moving to Austin was a great stimulus for my musical development and for my medical career.  The caliber of the musicians,  the great appreciation of the musicians for each other, and the appreciation of the people who live here for the people who make the music makes the city fertile ground for anyone with musical inclinations.

My first CD entitled “ The View From Here” was released in 1999. It featured a whole lot of guitars with a guest appearance by David Grissom on the title track.  

Since then I have accumulated a number of cool guitars, like baritone, gypsy and fretless guitars, and I have written what I think are a bunch of cool tunes. The product of the last few years, the last few guitars and the last few tunes is “Time and Money”.

Each of the tunes on “Time and Money” has a story associated with it though I am not always sure that I actually know what that story is. Until I figure them out, I hope you enjoy the music!