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Scott Becker: Music

Sarah's Song

(Scott Becker)
March 31, 2009
Scott Becker

Sarah’s Song

You were standing here beside me young and sweet and innocent
I could hold you hope to mold you
Help you find your best percent
Now you’re standing here beside me and there suddenly appears
A young woman in the distance
There is no point in resistance

I stood with you through the trials and tribulations of your youth
Through the tears and through the laughter
When you lost your first front tooth
Now that woman’s getting closer and now finally she’s here
She’s becoming quite insistent
She’s now part of my existence

Life’s sweet treasures can’t be measured
Hold on tight they’ll slip away
I will love you from above you
And try to stay out of your way

Now I’m standing here beside you full of joy and wonderment
At the woman you’re becoming and the message that you send
Still I miss that little girl who came for comfort in the night  
She was lovely she was gifted
She was with us but an instant
As you step into your future
And she fades into a distant melody