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Scott Becker: Music

Staying Home

(Scott Becker)
Scott Becker

Staying Home

I know you made plans to go on the town
In your high heeled shoes and your side slit gown
I don’t claim the right to disrupt your night
Just a little chance at candle light romance and
Staying home

As you slowly turn and your eyes meet mine
There’s a subtle burn there’s a low pitched whine
Doesn’t seem my fate to negotiate
For a smooth transition to the den and kitchen
Staying home

Not a care in my reclining chair I just accept the fare that comes my way
Moving faster tends to court disaster there’s a better fate for those who cogitate and
stay at home             (sung twice-again after solo)

There’s a light outside and I’ll leave it on
For when you change your mind and you come on home
Bitter taste remains from your drive away
When you find your senses we can mend our fences
Don’t  expect devotion as you sail the ocean
I won’t be here pining in my chair reclining
Staying home